Surge protection system

Saisanket is proud to offer highly efficient and most cost effective surge protection for pipeline systems of any complexity directly from the developers of world renowned KYPIPE Surge Analysis Software ( and Our partners not only bring highly essential theoretical knowledge (theory and implementation of theory into user-friendly software that is being used by thousands of engineers worldwide for diverse set of applications) but also decades of practical experience designing and commissioning of surge protection for complex pipeline systems.

Saisanket is a full-service surge protection system provider, i.e. takes full responsibility through design, supply, installation and commissioning stages, thereby providing peace of mind to contractors and project owners. The primary objective is to provide the most effective and fail-safe protection for the pipeline system and associated components. However, Saisanket employs multi-pronged approach (bladder vessels, non-slam air valves, and control valves) for surge protection thereby minimizing overall surge protection cost while providing the most efficient and fail-safe surge protection system for the pipeline system. Bladder vessels provide hydro-pneumatic cushioning effect against both positive and negative surge pressures. Non-slam air valves eliminate the air-slam related positive surge pressures while provide safe and effective relief against extreme negative pressures. In addition, use of non-slam air valves as part of surge protection system minimizes and distributes that low risk of failure evenly along the pipeline. Control valves (pump control valves, anticipation and pressure relief valves) are used where necessary to further reduce the extreme positive surge pressures and eliminate check valve slam pressures (one of the biggest causes of pipe system failures). The immense theoretical and practical knowledge of the modelers allows them to look at multiple failure modes that the pipeline system might experience over its life time and design the most efficient fail-safe protection system based on world class surge protection equipment.

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